Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The motivational variant.

Why do people strive to be successful? Or at least to be "somebody"?
It's because when you're a nobody, you get nowhere, or don't get far.
Most of the time, people reserve opportunities for the privileged ones. But to be one of the privileged ones, one has to sacrifice a lot along the way...

Expectation is the root of all heartaches. -William Shakespere
If you don't expect things, you won't get a heartache. Easier said than done. Who doesn't expect things in this world? Expectation is what drives people forward and helps us long for something, makes us look forward to the future. Or is that "hope" instead? I'm confused.

An opportunity missed is a lesson learnt to make sure we don't lose the next one.
There's no point harping on the mistakes we've made in the past. A good friend has once said, "Just work around it". And make sure not to make the same mistakes in future, or next life (if there is another one). Well, i guess nobody knows whether they've made the correct choices until they have either tasted the fruit of it or suffer from the consequences. Whatever it is, everyone has to be accounted for choices he or she has made, and to live with them.

However disappointed you are today, nurse it and get over with it. Don't let it eat you up. Make do with what you have now and try to enjoy it. :)

p.s. emo lah for not being able to attend a 3-day course *sigh* just because i'm under-qualified, for now

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fast & Furious

I love speeding. I love the thrill, the adrenaline rush, the kick.
Dangerous but satisfying.
It's one of the rare moments i get to empty my mind of everything. Every. single. thing that's been bugging me.
I only like it when i'm the driver :P No guts to be the passenger, yet. ;)
So no traffic jams, please. Otherwise i don't get to speed :D
It's been a long long time since i last drove for hours on the highway...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Recently, a very good friend of mine has encouraged me to write again... So here i am! It's been 2 years since i last blogged :P It's going to be a very random post about random stuffs :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the loving mothers out there, who have and haven't held their child :)
To all my blog followers (i bet none of you is still following now LOL), yeah i've got a child of my own now. Nope, i'm not going to blog about my experience in the labour room, don't you worry okay :)

Why i stopped blogging
There are several reasons i stopped blogging since April 2013.
I got lazy :P
And i got pregnant since May 2013 so pregnancy drained my energy haha :D
And my child came along in Feb 2014 so i have been occupied since then :)

The main reason is actually me not wanting to expose too much on myself on the net :P
Nowadays, you can do a search on anybody on Google. I know that very well myself *ehem* So it's kind of dangerous now that i've a child :P Okay excuses apart... I've realised that i prefer two-way communications rather than pouring my heart out without getting a feedback or so. :-/ and i've learnt to trust people less over the years. It's a phase of growing up, i guess. It's not very nice but that's the reality. :-/

Being a mother
When something big happens, something tragic, you freeze, you retreat into your happy bubble for what seems like a second, until you look up. And suddenly, you realise it's a whole new world. (Grey's Anatomy; season 11, episode 23)
Having a child is not something tragic but it's definitely a big thing. I've learnt so much of myself since Carol came along. My strength, my perseverance, my ego. It's like getting to know myself all over again. :)

The more you age, the less number of true friends you have. True friends are hard to come by, so when you meet one, you better cherish that friendship :)
Since i became a mother, the main topic of conversations has always revolved around parenting, parenting, and parenting ^.^" Acquaintances who have children have suddenly become friends! :D
On the other hand, friends to whom you can spill your secrets are very hard to come by nowadays. And those who're willing to listen to your rants and whatnot's, AND actually give you some constructive inputs are even rarer species :D I'm very grateful to have a handful of these kind souls in my life. Without you people, i'd be long gone at the mental asylum XD

Series i watch nowadays
Grey's Anatomy has always been on top of my list :)
And i've started to watch Game of Thrones :P Not quite to my liking but no harm trying a different genre.
And yeah, i still watch some good TVB series. Only those good ones. I don't watch those silly, lame series :P
For Korean series, i'm still trying to finish Jang Ok Jung (i started watching it more than a year ago!). It's a historical series. I still have the perception that most Korean series are slow paced and the lead actor/ actress will end up dying :P Prove me wrong!

My very good friend told me that i'm a chatterbox (which is very true). So if you're watching any of the above series, let's talk about it alright? I seriously need someone to share my "heartfelt moments" :D Okay, that's me being a woman ^.^

I've been recently introduced to this cool app for listening to songs. Highly recommended. And share your playlist with me, please :D

'Till i get inspired to write again :)

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Life has just begun

It's been more than a year since my last blog entry! How time flies!
Over the past 12 months, i've done a lot of things, been to many places, and changed my status. :)

I'm now working in Slim River, a cowboy town which has rooms for development. Working life here is less hectic compared to that in Ipoh where i used to work for 18 months, but i've more responsibilities now. I'm looking forward to doing things i really like :)

I'm now somebody's wife, with a lot more responsibilities! :D I've a very caring husband, i must say, and i'm grateful for that :)

Life has just begun. And i've yet to explore the entire "real world" out there. At times, i'm hesitant and feel scared, unsure of what lies ahead, and always question myself of every decision i've made. I've learnt that time is very precious, and i'm still learning to utilise every second meaningfully & purposefully. My comfort zone has grown bigger, which is a warning sign; i must get out of it before it engulfs me. There's no turning back!

Life has just begun.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's been ages since i last updated my blog. I wasn't too busy to publish a simple post, but just too lazy to practise my writing :(, which is very bad.

I've become lazier since i left the university less than a year ago, most probably due to the lack of peer pressure, examinations, and requirements to be completed. I've not been reading much. Difficulty in focusing and concentrating in reading has been a worrying issue to me as i realise the importance updating myself through reading the latest issues regarding my work, to keep myself abreast with the current issues in dentistry. It's time for me to walk out of my comfort zone and indulge in some serious reading :(

Lately, combating procrastination has become a big challenge to me. Lack of interest & enthusiasm are the main problems which have cause me to procrastinate. The absence of peer pressure has also played an important role in this. :( Peer influence acts as a reminder & motivator to drive me forward!

I'm glad that i recognise my problems and the causes of it. A larger obstacle now is how to overcome the problems! :'(

SELF REMINDER: The world will not stop for you, but you have to keep up with the world, or risk being left behind. You've to work hard to achieve your dreams!