Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The motivational variant.

Why do people strive to be successful? Or at least to be "somebody"?
It's because when you're a nobody, you get nowhere, or don't get far.
Most of the time, people reserve opportunities for the privileged ones. But to be one of the privileged ones, one has to sacrifice a lot along the way...

Expectation is the root of all heartaches. -William Shakespere
If you don't expect things, you won't get a heartache. Easier said than done. Who doesn't expect things in this world? Expectation is what drives people forward and helps us long for something, makes us look forward to the future. Or is that "hope" instead? I'm confused.

An opportunity missed is a lesson learnt to make sure we don't lose the next one.
There's no point harping on the mistakes we've made in the past. A good friend has once said, "Just work around it". And make sure not to make the same mistakes in future, or next life (if there is another one). Well, i guess nobody knows whether they've made the correct choices until they have either tasted the fruit of it or suffer from the consequences. Whatever it is, everyone has to be accounted for choices he or she has made, and to live with them.

However disappointed you are today, nurse it and get over with it. Don't let it eat you up. Make do with what you have now and try to enjoy it. :)

p.s. emo lah for not being able to attend a 3-day course *sigh* just because i'm under-qualified, for now

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